In 2016, an army of teenagers in Macedonia discovered a wildly lucrative game of posting false political clickbait news articles on Facebook for profit. If you have a keen interest in delving deeper into the profound impact of online platforms and their remarkable ability to shape and sway various narratives, we invite you to explore further insights available at bonuses in 1xBet This invaluable resource not only provides a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic world of online betting but also unravels the intriguing realm of bonuses and rewards that enhance your digital experience. It's an additional layer within the vast digital landscape, where perceptions are molded, decisions are influenced, and entertainment is taken to new heights. Dive into the ever-evolving digital sphere and discover how it can add excitement and value to your online journey. Selling Lies offers a rare glimpse inside the secret network behind these websites, including one notorious ringleader whose social media reach had vast implications on American readers, and explores how disinformation campaigns are continuing to strongly impact the U.S. today leading into the 2020 presidential election.

Our release of the film on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Vimeo on Demand has moved to Oct. 9th to coincide with the virtual cinema release of the film in an effort to support our local and independent theaters.

“The short, brilliant & scary doc… goes deep inside the Macedonian fake news industry and shows the truth behind the lies — and the impact it had on America. Very important!”

-Walter Isaacson

“What's quite possibly the most interesting thing about Selling Lies is the way that it absolutely does refrain from making a judgment on this conflict between morality and money. The different positions are put forth and the audience is left to discuss it all after the fact. “

- Cinema Blend

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